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DJ / Producer / Remixer

Katakombe – 8. April 2017

Spring is coming!
Is not it nice to be reminded of the coming summer, white beaches, great feelings, warming sunshine on the skin and – above all – the sea?
For example to a very specific Lido in the South of Italy: His name is “Cocoloco” and stands for party! Particularly in August thousands celebrate the sound of the sun and the sea every day.

♬ PAOLO MELE (Lido Cocoloco & Blu Bay / IT)
♬ PAD BERYLL (Deep Love)
♬ SERGIO MARTELLA (Paper Jet Rec.)


PAOLO MELE visits us from this cult beach and we hope he brings some warmth from his home. There he is one of the hottest DJs and without doubt you will love him just as much as we do.
The Cocoloco-Feeling is only real with a special guest-bartender, which we will invite you especially for this evening. In addition, we have some decoration specials at the start, which will surely already wake first beach feelings. Be curious!
But this is not enough: Our local heroes SERGIO MARTELLA and OLIVER KLINGHOFFER receive musical support from their good friend PAD BERYLL!
On the 2nd floor, DJ DOUBLE M shows you that he is musically diverse and above all a real party boy!
As always in the catacomb an early appearance is strongly recommended.

The door opens at 22:00.

Facebook Event

ATTENTION: Well-dressed clothes desired.
In the catacombs, the general identification requirement applies.
Entry may be refused.
Admission for ladies from 20 years, men 24 years.

Katakombe Flyer

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